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         Plastics repair

Hard and soft plastics can be reconditioned and fixed with amazing results!

         Wood repair

We can make all your wooden furniture, paneling and trimmings look beautiful again for a fraction of the cost of replacing them!


Graffiti removal and professional cleaning of kitchens, furniture, vinyl walls and crystal chandeliers.


Your (acoustic) ceilings will be looking like new for a fraction of the cost of a new (suspended) ceiling!


We fix ceramic objects like sinks, tiles and bath tubs against a fraction of the cost of replacing these items!

We provide a 360 repair service!


Leathers, vinyls and textiles can all be reconditioned and fixed in any color!

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Recofix Europe B.V.

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Recofix and her partners repair and restore damages to the interiors of, buildings, cars, busses, trains, planes, boats and ships. We service floors, walls and ceilings. And we repair and restore everything that is on or in any interior. Thus providing you with a 360 degree service that you will love!

Recofix is powered by CGI International Inc.

Think Green!

We believe that the Earth that we live on is a gift. It is our shared responsibility to make shure we cherish it. Something that can still be repaired or restored does not need to be replaced. We are commited to stewardship for our planet Earth, which is our home.

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